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Meeting once a month.
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NOB is affiliated with the Buddhist Faith Fellowship, he flagship community of the North American Association of Shin Buddhist communities. We were founded in the year 2006. We are located in Massey, Ontario and gather in local homes. We serve Espanola, Whitefish Falls, Algoma Mills, Sundbury and Lively Ontario.

Spiritual Training

We gather regularly in order to spiritually train and nurture each other so that we may better practice the Buddhist teachings of peace, love and compassion during our often busy daily lives.

Our gathering is designed to awaken you to the Oneness of reality, and to help you realize peace, gratitude and your life's purpose, and learn the spiritual tools to live out your spirituality 365 days a year. Though we emphasize Shin Buddhist training, we integrate it with the meditative practices of Zen Buddhism, so as to better cultivate a calm and lucid heart and mind in order to hear the transformative light within you. The goal of our gatherings is to give an experience that will aid in opening the mind to the Sacred Oneness, and developing compassion and understanding.

Canadian Shin Buddhism
Quiet sitting to hear the inner transformative light

What Can You Expect?


We are a circle of equals. We don't have hierarchies or gurus, though we do have lay teachers to facilitate the gatherings. As practitioners of the Shin Buddhist path, we stress an egalitarian community and attitude. We call each other friends, dress casually, and are very welcoming.  In our gatherings, we practice deep hearing, quiet sitting and voice meditation, prayer, and the voicing the Nembutsu, as an expression of our trust in and gratitude for the ultimate Oneness of life, symbolized as Amida Buddha.



Instead of sermons, our community is known for its insightful and lively dharma discussions. As our founder, the 13th century Japanese reformer, Shinran Shonin, taught, "We are all fellow travelers on the path," and, as such, anyone may share his/her opinion and experience. Learning from one another in this fashion creates a strong nourishing environment. We care for and love one another and live in service to the world. This is the true meaning of our religion.


Our gatherings are Free of Charge and include discussion, voice meditation, fellowship and refreshments

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Namu Amida Butsu!